Saturday, October 19, 2013

Karva Chuth

What is Karva Chuth ?

Karva Chuth is a one of the most important fast by Married Hindi Wives. Married Hindu women pray for the long life of their husband. The festival is popular in married women in the India specially  in North States Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan, Hariyana, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Gujarat.
Karva Chauth

When Karva Chuth Comes?
This Festival comes after 4 forth day after Sarad Purnima of Hindi Calender Asho month. It comes in October - November Month.

How to do Puja ?

Hindu married women taking fast on Karva Chauth. It start before Sun rise and end when worshiping of the Moon at night. Women takes fast on this day even they are not taking water and food. They takes food and water after worshiping at night and after watching face of her husband.

Preparation for Karva Chuth:

Women wear new clothes specially red color sari on this day. They design mehndi on their hand. They wear new Bindi on her face. Husband buys gift his wife. Family member also buy gift.

Gift for Karva Chuth: 
  • New Apparels Gifts
  • Special Chocolates
  • Dry Fruits Gifts
  • Feng Shui Items Gifts
  • Beautiful Flowers
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Electronics Gadgets & Gizmo Gifts
  • Games & Toys Gifts
  • God Idol Gifts
  • Handbag Gifts
  • Handicrafts Gifts
  • Home Appliances Gifts
  • Home Furnishing Gifts
  • Jewelry Gifts
  • Gifts for Wife
  • Personal Care Gifts
  • Sarees
  • Sweets
  • Watches  
Karva Chuth celebration:
Karva  Chuth is mainly celebrated in most of the region of India including Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan, Hariyana, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Gujarat. Many family member celebrate at one places. Indian television and films also give more weights on Karva Chuth celebration.


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